Open Letter to the UW Board of Regents

November, 2018

The UW-SPARC Executive Board invites UWSP faculty and staff, and others concerned about our university’s future, to sign an open letter to the Board of Regents expressing a lack of confidence in UWSP leadership and documenting a longstanding pattern of mismanagement. Many faculty and staff have expressed fear that they may face administrative retaliation for signing. For that reason, all are welcome to sign either anonymously or publicly. The UW-SPARC president will keep a confidential record of those who sign, on a non-university server, to ensure the integrity of the list. Those signing anonymously will be identified only by position and college/division (i.e., “Academic Staff, College of Natural Resources”).

You can read the letter here: responseToPointForward2

Sign the letter here.

The sources and documentation for the facts in the letter are here: responseDocumentation

If you have questions or comments, or would like to point out errors, please email us at